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Sustainable agricultural practices are widely accepted as an alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. As the main agents for breaking down organic material and recycling nutrients, microorganisms interact with plants at the root level, and in turn, influence growth and nutrition of the entire plant.

Plants are further affected by other variables such as temperature, moisture, and most importantly, pathogens.

BIOXY AGRI is a powdered product that generates peracetic acid in water at neutral pH.

BIOXY AGRI has been designed to clean and sanitize whole and cut fruits and vegetables.

It allows a longer conservation period during their preparation. Its antimicrobial action eliminates quickly harmful microorganisms on fruits and vegetables surface without altering their taste, appearance or smell. It's highly economical and safe, on top of being effective and easy to use.

BIOXY + is a powdered product that generates peracetic acid in water. BIOXY + was formulated to sanitize surfaces in contact with  food, reservoirs, aseptic equipment and pasteurisers found in dairies, wineries, breweries, and food, beverage and meat processing and packaging plants. BIOXY + is also ideal to sanitize water tanks related to water and wastewater treatment. BIOXY + is non  foaming. BIOXY + is ideal to sanitize equipment and surfaces in animal farms. BIOXY + is also used as a cleaning agent to clean the cages of various animals.

A Safe to handle, Unique & Patented Biotechnology based, Non-Toxic, Non-Harsh, Non-Corrosive, Non-Carcinogenic, Environment  Friendly, Biodegradable, certified Food Contact no Rinse disinfectant.

BIOXY ENVIRO is a powder product that generates 3 distinct disinfectants;

Quaternary, Hydrogen Peroxide and Neutral Peracetic-Acid sets new industry standards as the first environmentally safe broad-spectrum disinfectant to record total kills on the most difficult pathogens.