Zoll Automated Defibrillators


It happens in a split second. A person collapses — the victim of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) — and the clock starts ticking in the race to restore a normal rhythm to the heart. A rescuer armed with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and performing CPR is the victim’s best chance for survival until medical personnel arrive.

A proven partner, setting the benchmark for AEDs

While only 50% of those who experience SCA will initially require a shock, every victim needs CPR to increase the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart and brain. ZOLL AEDs guide rescuers with Real CPR Help® to achieve High-Quality-CPR, then deliver a shock, if needed. No other AED supports rescuers with integrated, real-time instruction and comprehensive feedback on compression rate and depth like ZOLL AEDs.

Ready for the rescue

Lives are not saved by AEDs alone. People save lives using an AED, and saving lives requires confident rescuers who provide high-quality CPR and use an AED with a working battery and pads that have not expired.

  • Real CPR Help instills confidence by guiding rescuers to perform high-quality CPR with compressions to the Guidelines-recommended rate and depth.
  • AED Program Management ensures your AED is ready to go when needed.
  • Fewer replacements with longer-lasting parts means a lower total cost of ownership and an AED that is ready for the rescue when needed.

Trust ZOLL AEDs as your rescue partner. Together we are ready to help save lives.

ZOLL AED Plus | Not all AEDs are created equal

The ZOLL AED Plus® was the first AED with Real CPR Help® to help rescuers know when they are doing high-quality CPR. Today, the ZOLL AED Plus® continues to set the benchmark for design, dependability, durability, and performance.

More than CPR. This is Real CPR Help.

Only half of sudden cardiac arrest victims will initially need a shock, while 100% require high-quality CPR. ZOLL offers the only AEDs that support rescuers with integrated real-time text, voice, and visual prompts and feedback on compression rate and depth to administer high-quality CPR.

Smart investment with a low total cost of ownership

Once installed, the ZOLL AED Plus has the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other AEDs. Longer-lasting batteries and  pads require fewer replacement parts, adding up to considerable cost savings over time and rescue readiness in a cardiac arrest emergency.

ZOLL AED 3 | The AED others will look up to

The ZOLL AED 3™ builds on our reputation for providing rescuers with unmatched support plus a low total cost of ownership. The ZOLL AED 3 embodies all the same great qualities of its predecessor while offering advanced features to provide unrivaled rescuer support.

Enhanced Real CPR Help®

The ZOLL AED 3 has proven Real CPR Help® technology with enhanced features, including dynamic rescue images and a full colour display.

Integrated pediatric rescue

Universal pad design provides rescuers a single, confident solution to treat both adult and pediatric victims of SCA by using the same set of electrode pads, and simply activating child mode.

Wi-Fi® connectivity

Easily manage your suite of devices via the cloud. Our Program Management solution helps you monitor and manage all your AEDs and will immediately notify you of a failed self-test so you can be sure you are prepared for an emergency.


The greatest return on investment an AED can provide is the life it saves. All ZOLL AEDs are built with our proven core technology,  yet each have unique features to provide a range of solutions for varying environments.

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