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  • BETCO Clario Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer

Fast Drying, Lightly Fragranced Foaming Sanitizer

This product is a certified USDA Bio-Based product. Thick rich foam leaves your hands refreshed and moisturized. Highly effective, kills 99.9% of common germs within 15 seconds. Use as needed between hand washings to help reduce germ transmission. Evaporates quickly, with no sticky residue.

  • 62% ethyl alcohol-based foaming hand sanitizer
  • Formulated with emollients to moisturize the skin, will not cause dryness or irritation
  • Meets FDA and CDC guidelines for hand sanitizing
  • Sealed packaging, 99% product evacuation and keeps sanitizer free of contaminants

Packaged: Case of 6 x 1000ml Clario Bags


Read the entire label before using this product. Dispense 2 pumps of product onto palm of hand and rub thoroughly over all surfaces of both hands until dry. 


Active Ingredient 62% Ethyl Alcohol
Color Light Blue
Conditioners Polypylene Glycol
Fragrance Citrus
pH 6.5-8.5



BETCO Clario Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer

  • Brand: Betco
  • Product Code: BETCO-75529-07
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