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  • SENTEC Mountain Meadow Concentrated Malodor Eliminator

Concentrated Malodor Eliminator

Mountain Meadow is a proprietary dual malodor counteractant that is effective on all odor sources. Scientifically built & designed to leave a positive impact on your facility & occupants is like no other in the market today.

  • Unique Dual Malodor Counteractant Technology that eliminates odors
  • Broad Range Malodor Elimination
  • Meets & Exceeds state of California VOC content requirements

Packaged: Case of 4 x 3.78L Bottles


TRIGGER SPRAYERS for air and soft surfaces:Dilute 13 oz./gal. or 200 mL/L (1:10) with water. Mist in center of room. NOTE: For soft fabrics which may water spot (such as silk or dark fabrics) always test on an inconspicuous area. Not recommended for leather.

FLOORS/HARD SURFACES: Dilute 2 oz./gal. or 16 mL/L (1:64) with water. Mop or wipe on affected areas.

CARPET SHAMPOOERS/CARPET EXTRACTORS: Dilute 1/2 oz./gal. or 4 mL/L (1:256) with water.

FOGGING MACHINES: Pour product into fogging machine to atomize into room. 


Color Light Amber
Fragrance Mountain Meadow
pH 7 - 9.5
Shelf life 1 yr.
Solubility in Water Complete



SENTEC Mountain Meadow Concentrated Malodor Eliminator

  • Brand: Betco
  • Product Code: BETCO-412504-00
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