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  • 1/16" Starfoam 72"x1250' S24" P48" Roll

1/16" Starfoam 72"x1250' S24" P48" Roll

Packaged: Each - Roll

Starfoam roll stock is available in both standard and anti-static form, and can be converted into custom sheets.

Key Features

Made from 100% low density polyethylene (ldpe)
- Makes Starfoam highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning

Non abrasive
- Will not scratch of damage finely finished surfaces

Lint and dust free
- will not mark or contaminate products highly sensitive products

Moisture repellent (closed cell construction)
- Provides superior protection against water, grease and solvents (below 130° F)

- Reduced package weight lowers production and shipping costs

1/16" Starfoam 72"x1250' S24" P48" Roll

  • Brand: Polyair
  • Product Code: POLYAIR-PAF0606S24P48
  • Availability: In Stock